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Itasca, IL

Long term lease, 6.5% yield
Starbucks NNN Corp Guarantee

Carol Stream, IL

Solid tenant, great returns
Solid Yield NNN

Mansfield, OH

Family Dollar, Corp Guarantee
7% Yield Long term lease NNN


Cap rates continued to fall in Q4 across all property types except Industrial which remained the same from a year ago. The retail sector had the most cap rate compression, declining 30 basis points from a year ago.


By Property Type
2014 Q4 2015 Q4 2016 Q4
Office 5.8% 5.6% 5.4%
Industrial 6.4% 6.0% 6.0%
Apartment 5.2% 5.0% 4.8%
Retail 6.7% 6.2% 5.9%



Sales of commercial real estate totaled $184 billion in 2016 Q3, up 17.8% from a year ago. The industrial sector was the most improved, recording a 46.0% year over-year increase in sales volume. The retail (-14.0%) and office (-2.0%) sectors recorded volume decreased, while the apartment properties (+37.6%) saw an increase in volume.


By Property Type
2006 Q4 (Peak) 2009 Q1 (Trough) 2016 Q3
Office 1,577 261 1,378
Industrial 1,416 275 2,493
Apartment 1,825 376 2,115
Retail 1,903 351 1,655


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